McMinn’s Color Atlas of Foot and Ankle Anatomy, 4th Edition [eBook]

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Product Description

McMinn’s Color Atlas of Foot and Ankle Anatomy, by Bari M. Logan and Ralph T. Hutchings, uses phenomenal images of dissections, osteology, and radiographic and surface anatomy to provide you with a perfect grasp of all the lower limb structures you are likely to encounter in practice or in the anatomy lab. You’ll have an unmatched view of muscles, nerves, skeletal structures, blood supply, and more, plus new, expanded coverage of regional anesthesia injection sites and lymphatic drainage. Unlike the images found in most other references, all of these illustrations are shown at life size to ensure optimal visual comprehension. It’s an ideal resource for clinical reference as well as anatomy lab and exam preparation!

  • Easily correlate anatomy with clinical practice through 200 high-quality illustrations, many life-sized, including dissection photographs, skeletal illustrations, surface anatomy photos, and radiologic images.
  • Reinforce your understanding of each dissection with notes and commentaries, and interpret more complex images with the aid of explanatory artwork.
  • Efficiently review a wealth of practical, high-yield information with appendices on skin, arteries, muscles, and nerves.
  • Administer nerve blocks accurately and effectively with the aid of a new chapter on regional anesthesia.

Deepen your understanding of lymphatic drainage with a new

Correlate anatomy into practice with life-size dissection photographs of the foot, ankle, and lower limb


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